A CRM System in Hebrew

Why is a CRM System in Hebrew the Right Solution for You?

According to a survey by the Central Bureau of Statistics, 3 out of 10 Israelis estimate that they read English at a very good level. Another 25% indicate that their mastery of reading this language is good, and only an eighth of Israelis cannot read English. Among those with a post-secondary education, only 4% are unable to read texts in the world’s most widely spoken language. The obvious conclusion: Your employees are likely to be able to handle English — and yet when looking for a CRM system, it is recommended to prefer Hebrew-speaking ones.

Innovative and Very Easy to Use Hebrew CRM System

Preferring CRM systems in Hebrew is, of course, only the first step in an informed choice that will yield maximum benefit. Another fundamental element that is important to verify is how comprehensive the system is. Only when you can concentrate all the inquiries to you in one place — all without exception — can you really know for sure that no customer will be missed.


Fix Digital’s CRM System connects to your website, all landing pages, all social networks, tabula and outbound, and anywhere else where you market your business. Depending on when you want, for example, to compare the cost of each lead, the comparison will indeed be comprehensive and relevant. Likewise if you ask to know what generates you more meetings, the presence on Instagram or Facebook, you can also have the corresponding data, and they will be presented to you with a clarity that facilitates management.


Another important feature of the CRM system in Hebrew that you will find in the interface of Fix Digital is the orderly transition of all inquiries, according to any segmentation you want and especially based on the status of their handling. This ingredient ensures full extraction of the sales funnel you have planned, with maximum efficiency.

CRM in Hebrew by Fix Digital - Maximum Efficiency on the Way to Upgrade the Company's Performance

The foregone conclusion:

Fix Digital’s Hebrew CRM system is the perfect solution for maximizing the marketing and potential of anyone who may benefit from your services and products.

CRM System in Hebrew Popular Q&A

Yes! Our System at FixDigital allows the use of the Hebrew language. Why work hard when you can work in Hebrew? CRM system in Hebrew will directly benefit your business and increase the capacity of your employees.


CRM system in Hebrew provides a variety of benefits that contribute to you as managers in the business. Faster overlap, faster learning and understanding of the system, communication with native language customers, rapid system implementation and connection, and more.

The connection to the CRM System is a simple process which is accompanied by professionals. We, at Fix Digital, will be happy to accompany you in the process of implementing the system, we will explain its advantages and capabilities and provide all the required information with full service.