What is CRM

What is CRM, You Ask?Well, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is the combination of practical experience, strategies and technologies in which businesses are used to manage and analyze operations and data related to their customers throughout their business cycle. The goal, of course, is to improve customer service relationships and thus help the company retain its customers and improve sales growth. How Does it Happen? What does the system consist of and why is it important for your business? Here are all the answers in brief.

What is CRM? And what are the components of the CRM System

What is CRM? — Mainly Saving Time and Working Hours

CRM tools with marketing automation capabilities can automate repetitive tasks to improve marketing efforts. In addition, the system allows you to track customer inquiries and automate and remember business operations which can greatly assist in the creation and tracking of leads. Plus, it can help your business maintain your customer base and promote customer loyalty. Another option is to integrate various software tools on the employee’s desktop that can handle customer requests with the objective basically being to save working time, and reduce the tasks that take time from the employee and which do not help achieve goals such as marketing and sales. Such a system is also effective for businesses of different sizes.

So what is CRM? Well, if used correctly, CRM systems help to track the course of work, review the performance of employees and, in short, manage the internal workforce more effectively. At the same time, such a system comes with analysis tools that help create high satisfaction from good customers. That is by analyzing user data and helping to create targeted marketing campaigns.

The Challenge of Using CRM

What Does a CRM System Do?

A CRM system directly contributes to keeping customer information in a safe and available place starting from the customer’s name, company name, business or company addresses, various communication details (email, phone, etc.) and other details that can help in real time or in the future.

A CRM system is considered an intelligent and advanced system which offers additional information about the customers such as the business or company customer profile, available social networks, areas of activity, geographical locations, etc.

One of the most outstanding capabilities of a CRM system is the ability to record actions performed in front of the customer such as phone calls, purchases with the customer, important updates, automated actions, reminders to customers, recommended processes, and so on.An advanced CRM system helps in a variety of areas that provide 360 service on customers and actions in front of them. It is important to remember, all the information that the system keeps is always available and allows obtaining status on the client.

How to Choose the Correct CRM System?

One of the things that stands out about a smart CRM system is that adjustments can be made according to the needs and requests of the business itself, creating maximum adaptation to the requirements of the business. In addition, there are other considerations to consider before choosing the system.

First of all, it is important that you know what a CRM system is and enrich your knowledge on the subject, because without knowing what a CRM system is you will not be able to enter the field.
Here are some elements that will help you choose a CRM system:

Friendly Use
It is extremely important that the use of the system is simple and easy to operate, likewise, the way you learn about the system should also be simple and easy to understand. Remember, the staff and management need to learn to use the system, you want the system learning to be as fast and catchy as possible in order to start working as quickly as possible.

In the Fixdigital CRM System, you can experiment with the system for free and create experience in order to understand the system and its capabilities.

Interfacing and Connecting with Other Systems
An extremely important capability that exists in a CRM system is the ability to connect to additional external systems such as Google, Facebook and more. If the business has digital assets and activity on the Internet, the system will be able to connect to the systems and create uniformity and supervision of the incoming data.

Support in Hebrew
A CRM system is supposed to help a team of employees who come from different places and with different knowledge. A CRM system with support in Hebrew will create line alignment and confirm more efficient and regular use among all employees especially when it comes to a local business.

Support Service
After the implementation of the system and the start of work, a lot of questions, requests, etc. can arise, in such cases you would like to have customer service available and we will be happy to provide service and help in case of need.

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A CRM system allows a huge range of options and actions that help the business improve and increase the productivity of employees. Proper use of a CRM system will lead to smarter management of your business and an increase in profits and income.


The CRM system can carry out customer management processes, streamlining of processes, connections to management systems, accounts of the enterprise, employee management, schedule management, queue summoning, history documentation, etc. The system also allows data to be analyzed and to carry out learning and inference for improvement in the future.

The connection to the CRM System is a simple process which is accompanied by professionals. We, at Fix Digital, will be happy to accompany you in the process of implementing the system, we will explain its advantages and capabilities and provide all the required information with full service.