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For quite a few business people, CRM software is the heart of the operation of their organization or company. And still it is worth defining what CRM is and what this software is. CRM is an acronym for the English term Customer Relations Management which actually represents the concept of customer relationship management.

It is a tool that is part of a strategy or process that helps businesses better organize and access customer data in order to make use of the customer data stored in the system to improve and optimize sales and revenue. The evolving technology turned the notes written in handwriting and in the manual phone book into a database which was initially stored on individual computers, and over time transitioned into something much more complex. Today it is clear to every business owner that in order to compete in any industry, they need a reliable system based on such software.

What is CRM Software?

FixDigital CRM — Focused CRM Software

If you are looking for a focused and effective interface for managing inquiries for your business. And if you want to make sure that in a short time of about 20 minutes every employee in your organization can manipulate it, you will find that the FixDigital CRM Software is exactly the right tool for you.

With FixDigital CRM, your employees will receive automatic alerts that constantly drive them to action, with the goal of ensuring that no task falls between the chairs. In addition, all information regarding each application cost, appointment cost price and transaction cost price will be available to anyone who needs it,

and from the customer’s point of view, business will be conducted transparently and uniformly. No matter which of your employees talk to the customer, they will always be informed about it.

What Should You Look For in a Good CRM Software?

Features and Settings of CRM Software

The term CRM basically talks about “Customer Relations” and contributes in analyzing the details and needs of customers. CRM software basically came with the purpose of analyzing the consumer behavior of customers in order to optimize service and sales processes while finding business opportunities to strengthen the business relationship between the business and the customer.

CRM software is a software with unique features that is able to bind all marketing and sales goals and make the customer more potential and worthwhile while retaining the customer in a deep familiarization process.

How Does CRM Software Contribute to Business Improvement?

Business owners in any field always strive to maximize the performance of the business, increase sales and improve the relations with customers. The business owner is between the staff and the customers who want to be as satisfied as possible. A CRM system makes it possible to obtain basic information and according to this information to know what actions should be taken to reach the goals.

Among the many areas in which CRM software contributes to business improvement are the following:

Organizational Streamlining

This type of streamlining is basically aimed at creating better quality work processes in the business. The system will help to get status on each employee, create tasks, give reminders, prioritize tasks, communicate with customers and much more and all in an automated form. The system contains within it a lot of information that is constantly updated and allows better handling of the client and the tasks of the staff of employees.

תוכנת CRM

Improving Customer Service

CRM software makes it possible to gather all customer data in one place and receive status and updates in real time and in an available manner, which directly contributes to the customer service. The information stored in the CRM system allows processing customer requests quickly and accurately and will lead to customer satisfaction.

Using a Single Uniform System Throughout the Organization

When it comes to large organizations or businesses in various fields, various systems are usually used ranging from systems for a sales department, a system for a service department, and the like. Using CRM software allows working on a single system uniformly, a system that all company employees know and use.

Additional Capabilities of CRM Software

The CRM Software by Fix Digital gives its users many options that help in managing the business, contribute to performance and sales and directly helps to optimize processes with employees and customers. CRM software is suitable for all types of businesses, small and large, giving instant solutions and a variety of ways to deal with complicated processes.

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Today, there is a very broad focus on CRM. There are big systems and there are small software. In practice there is no difference between the concepts, both refer to CRM in the same sense. The CRM system contributes to increasing the profits of the business and managing employees and customers in an intelligent way.


CRM software improves the managers’ and employees’ relations in organizations with the customer, increases the productivity of employees, creates a common language, presents an up-to-date situational picture, contributes to an increase in profits and more.

The connection to the CRM System is a simple process which is accompanied by professionals. We, at Fix Digital, will be happy to accompany you in the process of implementing the system, we will explain its advantages and capabilities and provide all the required information with full service.